Do you want to clean up your diet?


Do you want to be the healthiest you can be in 2022?


If the answer to the above 2 questions is yes… Then the journey to living you’re best life ever, starts here and it couldn’t be easier!!



How many times have you started a diet and spent ridiculous amounts of money on different herbs, spices, shakes, protein powders, weird sounding products from weirder sounding places, and many, many more fads that cost a fortune!

Well, this is where it ends if you want it to!!



  • Nutritionally balanced meals delivered direct to your door!
  • No more spending hours in the kitchen measuring and weighing!
  • More quality time to spend with your loved ones!
  • No more worrying about what food is the healthiest? Which diet is the best? Just tasty meals, with all calorie/carb/protein and nutrient measurements done for you!
  • Low-cost supermarket shop! None of that weird product buying I mentioned earlier which costs a fortune and you only use once!
  • A variety of packages to suit all needs, including our (as you can imagine) extremely popular COUPLES PACKAGE!

How do I get this? (I hear you say!!) well, it couldn’t be easier!! Just complete the order form below (remembering to include any food dislikes or allergies you may have!) and we will do the rest! Even to the point of choosing your preferred menu for you! It doesn’t get any easier!!

We will send you a menu every Friday based on your dislikes and any allergies you may have, all you need to do is decide what you would like us to prepare, cook, and deliver to you!

We are only delivery only due to COVID19 restrictions, which will be reviewed when any changes occur.

The only postcodes we delivery to are CA13, CA14, CA15, CA22, CA23 and CA28.

Once your order has been submitted, a member of the team will review it. If there are any issues we will contact you.

    Please note rules of play when ordering! Because we need to ensure we are looking after you (there always must be some rules, come on guy’s we are running a business).


    • Our amazing (let me get myself healthy) service runs Monday to Friday, with the delivery split into 2 delivery days which are Wednesday and Sunday evening (this is to ensure we get the food to you at its freshest!).
    • All new orders start on the next nearest Sunday, this is due to our prep teams superb forward planning, to ensure our existing customers are looked after (which I am sure you will appreciate as soon as you join us!) for this reason we cannot offer meal prep to start on a Wednesday (but I know you get this now).
    • It is your responsibility to advise us if you wish to cancel your order! But get this!


    We do not ask for subscriptions (its cash on delivery!) or weeks and weeks of commitment! We only require a minimum of 24 hours notice, to cancel your order!


    Order Packages


    5 Meals Per Week – 3 Sunday Meals and 2 Wednesday Meals. (£30 – Ideal For Individuals)

    10 Meals Per Week – 6 Sunday Meals and 4 Wednesday Meals. (£60 – Ideal For Individuals)

    15 Meals Per Week – 9 Sunday Meals and 6 Wednesday Meals. (£75 – Ideal For Individuals)

    20 Meals Per Week – 12 Sunday Meals and 8 Wednesday Meals. (£90 – Ideal For Couples)


    Delivery Charges


    All meal prep is now free delivery too!

    Menu Week 1

    Mexican Lasagne & Slaw
    Calories 328
    Carbohydrates 37.4
    Fats 13.5
    Protein 11.1

    BBQ Pulled Chicken & Noodles
    Calories 285
    Carbohydrates 32.4
    Fats 2.7
    Protein 23.4

    Steak Spiced New Potatoes
    Calories 340
    Carbohydrates 17.5
    Fats 9.3
    Protein 26.4

    Chicken Chausser
    Calories 215
    Carbohydrates 31.3
    Fats 2.9
    Protein 16.4

    Fajita Chicken Pittas
    Calories 276
    Carbohydrates 23.8
    Fats 8.8
    Protein 22.2

    Shepherds Pie
    Calories 249
    Carbohydrates 30
    Fats 4
    Protein 14

    Halloumi, Mash & Greens
    Calories 361
    Carbohydrates 38.9
    Fats 15.9
    Protein 15.9

    Steak Burgers
    Calories 478
    Carbohydrates 38.9
    Fats 23.1
    Protein 22.4

    Chicken Curry
    Calories 445
    Carbohydrates 35.5
    Fats 10.6
    Protein 23.7

    Red Pesto Chicken Pasta
    Calories 337
    Carbohydrates 34.2
    Fats 10.9
    Protein 23.2

    Spaghetti Bolognese
    Calories 405
    Carbohydrates 38.5
    Fats 14.8
    Protein 30.4

    Menu Week 2

    Beef Chilli
    Calories 363
    Carbohydrates 45.6
    Fats 9.9
    Protein 22.1

    Sweet & Spicy Stir Fry
    Calories 281.5
    Carbohydrates 33.8
    Fats 3.1
    Protein 23.5

    Beef Stroganoff
    Calories 461
    Carbohydrates 31.6
    Fats 14.3
    Protein 29.5

    Piri Piri Pulled Chicken
    Calories 255
    Carbohydrates 33.2
    Fats 2.8
    Protein 27.2

    Cajun Chicken, Mash & Greens
    Calories 336
    Carbohydrates 39
    Fats 2.7
    Protein 21.3

    Fajita Chicken, Sweet Potato Feta & Salad
    Calories 238
    Carbohydrates 26.9
    Fats 7.2
    Protein 23.9

    Hoi Sin Pulled Chicken Noodles
    Calories 368
    Carbohydrates 32.1
    Fats 7.2
    Protein 23.7

    Mini Super Wrap
    Calories 301
    Carbohydrates 32
    Fats 5
    Protein 20.1

    Chicken Pasta Salad With Ranch Sauce
    Calories 388
    Carbohydrates 28.5
    Fats 10.1
    Protein 25.3